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  Power Forest Technology positions itself as a green power supplier that makes energy conversion more efficient, capable to decrease the chances of energy waste so that the earthen damage could be diminished as well. In the product developing, the company will definitely prohibit the utilization of hazardous waste. To fulfill the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Power Forest will actively hold or participate in activities beneficial to the global environment.

       Power Forest focuses on providing our end customer the most competitive and complete power IC solution. The growing strategy of Power  Forest is to keep close to the product manufacturing company, know the market trend promptly, and respond to the rapid change of industrial innovation and evolution. Power Forest always keeps an eye on the new application and market developing trend. And with such input, Power Forest is dedicated to new product development and provide high quality products to earn the credit of our end customers. With continuous techniques innovation and process flow improvement, we hopes to create values and achieve win-win outcome among end customers, share-holders and Power Forest.